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There are various ways you can promote your business or website on The Gun Rack. While making money is great, this website is first and foremost a resource for shooters – only relevant advertising and promotional material will be considered.

Submit products for review

Products reviewed on receive a lot of attention online. This is partly due to the fact that I have studied marketing and trained as a content writer, and know how to optimise articles for search and relevance.

If you’d like to have your shooting or outdoor product reviewed and get it in front of a larger audience, please contact me at to find out more about this simple process.


Advertising on The Gun Rack is easy and affordable. There are certain things you won’t find on here, and that includes anything that is offensive or unrelated to outdoor recreation or shooting.

If you’d like to find out more about how to advertise your product, brand, shop or website here, please get in touch at

Guest-write an article

Would you like to write your own article in a forum that is independent to your own website? You can write a guest article on, and link back to your own products or services on your website.

There is a one-off fee, and both the article and topic are subject to approval. I will edit your article for you. This means your article will be SEO-optimised, as well as cleaned up for grammatical and spelling errors.

This is a great way to spread knowledge of your services or products, and provide credible links back to your website to help your SEO efforts. It’s also fun to do and demonstrates a certain amount of thought leadership within your industry.

Sponsor something

Sponsorships are a large part of how our sport continues to thrive. Whether it’s silverware for the local club comp or competition jackets for shooters, there’s always a place for businesses to back the community.

There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities within Whether it’s gear or finance, you can get behind a series of articles. Want to have your store’s name on every reloading article? Or perhaps your brand is particularly associated with restoring firearms? Everything’s possible, you just need to ask. Do so at


100 yard shooting with Husqvarna M38
Shooting my Husqvarna M38 6.5×55 at NZDA’s Taupo range

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