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Boyds Gunstocks

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks are an American made upgrade option for your rifle. For the longest time it has been near impossible to import these yourself due to US Government export licence requirements. And when you do find someone selling them in New Zealand, they are incredibly expensive.

We have tried to solve this for you. With our own Federal Export Licence, we can import just about any Boyds stock you want, and you can have any of the upgrade options you want! That’s right, no more trying to find a stock on special and having to forego the nice extras, such as custom colours, adjustable cheek pieces, etc.

How do we keep prices down? We’re not greedy. We make a very small amount on each stock sold, and we’re fine with that. We’re here to provide a service to you.

We also order directly from the factory when you have placed your order. This means we do not keep any stock on hand, so we have no real overheads, aside from government taxes and duties. Keeping no stock on hand means we can’t offer any exchanges if you happen receive a product with a default. However, this doesn’t stop you from dealing directly with Boyds in the US. If they need to send a replacement and can’t ship to you, we will happily add your replacement to our next order, but we won’t be liable for any costs associated with shipping or taxes (if any).

So, how do you order your Boyds Hardwood Gunstock from The Gun Rack? Follow the simple steps below.

Place an order

  1. Head to the Boyds website and use the drop down menu on the left hand side to pick the stock you want
  2. Add any custom options you desire
  3. Write down your stock options and extras, or take screenshots. We need all this info because we place the order on your behalf
  4. Email your stock options to and we will send you our bank account details and an invoice for payment
  5. We will add your order to the next shipment – we order 10 stocks at a time to save you more than half of your shipping cost to NZ. You can place an “express” order, but you will have to pay the full cost of your shipping


What will it cost?

The Boyds website will give you the cost of your stock in US Dollars. There are extra costs to add. If you want us to work this out for you, simply send us the above information and we’ll send you the breakdown of costs when we confirm your order. If you want to work out what your costs will be before placing your order, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Write down your cost in US dollars from the Boyds website. Add $32 USD for shipping to NZ.
  2. Use a currency converter to figure out your costs so far in NZ Dollars. I personally like, but use whatever you want. The exchange rate can fluctuate between you doing this and us placing the order, so this is a rough guide.
  3. Add $70 NZD to the above cost. This will cover import duties, NZ shipping and handling and a small amount of profit for us.
  4. Now you have your total costs before tax, multiply by 1.15 to add your 15% GST.

Standard prices

If you want to order a standard stock with no added extras, you can use the below as a rough guide to what it will cost shipped to your door. This can change depending on the exchange rate, but it’s a good rough guide.

Boyds website price Example Total cost to you including shipping and GST Express order
US$129 Pro Varmint NZ$340 NZ$410
US$189 At-One NZ$435 NZ$505

Can I order the new At-One stock?

Yes, absolutely! The new fully featured, highly adjustable At-One stock can be ordered through The Gun Rack. You can read more about it at the At-One website.

Coyote At-One stock. Image credit: Boyds Gunstocks

How long will it take?

We don’t know! We can’t promise you a speedy delivery, as we don’t keep any stock on hand. We place your custom and after Boyds has manufactured your product, we need to wait for it to get shipped to NZ, clear customs, and shipped to you. We’ll make it as quick as possible, but we can’t make any promises. We will keep you informed of progress with your order.

What if I want my stock quicker?

If we place your order with a bulk order of stocks (10 at a time), you will save US$48 on shipping to NZ. If you want to place an “express” order an get your stock a week or two quicker, the costs described above will apply, but your shipping to NZ will be US$80 instead of US$32.

If you want an express order, but we already have 9 out of 10 stocks ready to go, we won’t charge you extra, we’ll make your order the tenth in the lot, and you will get it just as fast as if you paid the extra for your own shipment.

Why do you sell so cheaply?

If we followed the same pricing model as the big stores or other distributors, we wouldn’t be doing anything different for the NZ shooting community. If we charged what others charge, we could sell 3 stocks and make the same profit as selling 10 stocks with our pricing model. But, we’re not about the profit. We want to make available to Kiwi shooters an awesome piece of gear at a reasonable price – i.e., exactly what I would want if I was ordering something.

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