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Gun Trader

It’s been coming for a while now, but Facebook have really ramped up their sniffing out and destroying of firearms Buy/Sell/Swap pages. Other trading platforms out there do work for shooters, but they can be restrictive and expensive, and almost always do not cater to B/C/E Cat shooters.

This is why at The Gun Rack we have decided to create a dedicated platform for shooters and outdoor enthusiasts, run by shooters and outdoor enthusiasts. If you would like to trade your firearm in a safe and secure manner, at little or no cost, and with confidence that no one is waiting to shut you down, please enter your email address below.

We will keep you informed with progress and let you know the launch date of the trading site.

Do you have any suggestions for what this kind of community could offer shooters, hunters, fishermen, trampers, etc? Please use the comments box below to start a discussion around your ideas, and hopefully we will be able to incorporate them into our new service.

4 thoughts to “Gun Trader”

  1. How about only allowing members with current FAL?

    Then the users of the site cannot be targeted by crims who want to know who’s got what

    1. Hi Martin,

      Excellent idea. We’re thinking of starting with either FAL only members, or possibly having restricted categories that you can only access with an FAL, even the E/B/C cat stuff you would need the right endorsement to interact with the listing.

      No one will be able to see the name or contact details of other users – as you said, that’s a major security concern.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Great idea for sale of firearms, totally over the whole trademe rip off. Great idea to only have Licienced holders only. Providing the police form to purchased is used should work well. I only found gun rack by accident, maybe push site with NZDA and shooting clubs etc to get traffic up.
    Thx Doug

    1. Thanks Doug, please share the page and website with your shooting friends so more people can find out about the things we do.

      To be honest, I think I’m going to leave this idea. Unfortunately the web developer who was going to help me with this got wrapped up in other projects.

      Also, as I was developing this idea, someone else started Firearms Trader, and of course GunStuff has been around for a while. So, probably better for everyone to get on the same platforms, rather than me introducing something different…

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting!


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